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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)


Root canal treatment (RCT, also known as endodontics) is required when infection occurs within the "pulpy" area of a tooth. This pulpy area contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, lymph vessels and other soft tissue. Endodontics involves the removal of this soft tissue followed by thorough cleaning and disinfection; the hollowed-out root canal is then filled with a special substance to replace the soft tissue.

RCT may be required when a tooth is continually painful due to nerve damage or your dentist may detect bone infection in an x-ray. These days highly sophisticated techniques allow very high quality of treatment to be carried out in general practice with high success rates - also removing the need for specialist referrals.

In an adult the nerve tissue inside the tooth no-longer has an important role to play and its removal will not be missed. However, after RCT we sometimes recommend patients have a crown to further protect the tooth.

The use of local anesthetic makes the process of root canal treatment virtually pain-free and any reputation to the contrary is largely unjustified. At Solent House we have vast experience in carrying out root canal treatment and our specialists acknowledge any dental procedure can be daunting. We promise to put you at ease and make you feel as comfortable and confident as we can during your treatment.

If your dentist has recommended endodontic therapy we would urge you not to delay treatment as the absence of a healthy nerve means bacteria can travel up the tooth, causing infection in the bone. At this point an abscess can occur.

In certain cases your dentist may administer a routine course of antibiotics during treatment.