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Children's Dentistry

The excitement of your child’s first tooth coming through is a major milestone for most parents. Right from those early years, it’s really important to get your kids into the habit of going to the dentist regularly.

To help provide the level service you require for your children we provide both an NHS and Private Service.

We recommend you bring your children for regular, six- month check-ups and oral hygiene instruction and treatment. With a sensible diet and good tooth brushing together with regular check-ups and hygienist visits (if needed), your children are unlikely to need further treatment. 

However, if they do we are ready to help with the treatment they need either on the NHS or privately if appropriate

In addition to this routine care we offer the following private services for children:

• Fissure sealing to prevent decay. (Usually payable privately unless required to treat early cavities)

• Customised, brightly-coloured gumshields to protect children’s teeth when playing sport

The Solent House team will take very good care of your children’s teeth – and even make it fun too.